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Create your own magazine cover

Posted on Thu October 5, 2017.

Have you ever walked past a travel magazine cover in the supermarket aisle and thought, ‘Wow. That could be me.’?

Wanderlust is a powerful feeling. It makes you want to drop your groceries, grab that magazine, run to the nearest travel agent and say, ‘Take me here!’. But usually, our rational minds counter with sensible words like ‘expensive’, ‘far’, ‘work’ and ‘time’. Holidays aren’t always feasible. We know this. The good news is that getting away doesn’t necessarily have to include any of those words. It could simply mean a weekend away at a secluded cottage in pristine nature.

Of course, ’getting away’ means something different to everyone and at Sandpiper Cottages, our entire philosophy is built around creating different experiences of nature seclusion, depending on what our guests want from their getaway. We love putting our guests up in the cottage that fits their needs and then seeing them leave rejuvenated and relaxed, knowing that this was exactly what they needed.

Some of us get that rejuvenating feeling when we spend time on our own, for some it’s all about getting close to nature and experiencing the natural ebb and flow of things, and for others, it is just the mere act of getting away from our daily routines and reconnecting with our loved ones. Whatever it is that you need to relax and re-center yourself, we can help you get it with our choice of secluded seaside cottages – each designed with different types of breakaways in mind.

Whether you want a small rustic cottage with a sea view for quiet contemplation or a 4 bedroom home with a pizza oven for preparing food together as a family, let us help you find a cottage that is right for you. All our cottages are close to the pristine Fransmanshoek Conservancy area in Boggoms Bay. This means that no matter which one you choose, you will find an abundance of peace and quiet on the long stretches of beach, under the unhindered starry skies, or in the solace of your crackling fire. It is your magazine cover to create.

Click here to see which cottage will be the one for you, or just give us a call and we’ll help you find it.