Want a real holiday? Leave your digital devices at home.

Posted on Mon January 30, 2017 in Boggoms Bay Activities.

Science tells us that a proper getaway can have profound effects on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Studies show that raised cortisol levels (brought on by long-term stress) can make us more susceptible to illnesses. There is in fact an entire field of study dedicated to this phenomenon called psychoneuroimmunology. But in today’s world, getting away from it all is becoming harder as we become more attached to our digital lives.

Today, retreats and getaways that encourage you to leave all electronics behind are gaining increasing attention – it’s called digital detoxing. In a study done in Morocco, digital detoxing had profound effects on people’s sleep quality, the way they engaged with one another, and even their posture! After only three days without technology they were walking more upright, making more eye contact and having more creative (and funny) conversations as they tried to figure out things they would previously have just googled.

If you fancy a bit of digital detoxing, Sandpiper Cottages offers the ideal setting to leave the stress of constant digital demands behind, and get you back in touch with nature. At one of our secluded seaside cottages, all you’ll find is sun, sand and the gentle sound of the waves.

Curious to find out more about digital detoxing? We found this article by the New York Times enlightening: The Busy Trap