• Seal island boat trips in Mossel Bay

Take a trip to Seal Island. You might get more than you bargained for.

Posted on Mon September 11, 2017 in Activities in Mossel Bay.

If you enjoy the kind of breakaways where you can retreat into your own private space in nature but still have easy access to unique, fun activities, then you might enjoy this blog.

At Sandpiper Cottages, we value the sanctity of seclusion and that’s why our cottages are all completely private and tucked away. Of course, seclusion does not have to mean isolation, and so we make it very easy for our guests to do activities in the vibrant area that surrounds our quiet sanctuary. A particularly unique activity is a catamaran cruise around Seal Island in Mossel Bay. You never really know what you’re in store for on this multifaceted trip.

With their blubbery bodies and playful attitudes the Cape Fur seals are quite a sight to see – and with more than 3000 of them on the island, you’re definitely in store for a show or two. The seals like to laze around in the sun, play in the water and the curious little ones often come to the boat for a peek at the strange creatures on it. As you can imagine, a large group of seals like this also attracts some large predators.

For those who are interested in the great predators of the deep, you might be in for a few sightings when you visit seal island. Great White sharks often lurk in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to prey on an unknowing seal. Naturally, the Great Whites are not alone in this quest and all kinds of sharks and whales have been spotted in the area – waiting for their chance. Some amazing photos have been taken of these giants breaching and even making a kill. There is always a possibility and thus always a photo opportunity.

So whether you’re interested in watching a lively bunch of seals perform, trying your luck at photographing a shark or whale attack, or just taking a nice sailing trip out to sea, we’re sure this journey will be a fun and exciting experience for you and your family. Afterwards, come and relax at your private cottage by the sea.

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